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Veit Goaltending Development

Welcome to Veit Goaltending Development at Atomic Hockey! 

Veit Goaltending Development where we turn the impossible into just another challenge. Our core values of Development Driven, Systematic Goaltending, Empathetic Communication, and Highly-Trained Coaches ensure that every goalie who walks through our doors receives top-notch training tailored to their unique needs.

  1. Development Driven: We believe in continuous improvement, pushing you to be 1% better with every session. Our expert coaches are committed to meaningful progress, ensuring that every moment on the ice contributes to your growth as a goalie.
  2. Systematic Goaltending: Grounded in the comprehensive system developed by our founder, Ron Veit, our coaching approach addresses the multifaceted nature of goaltending. We combine cutting-edge techniques with strategic insights to elevate your performance under any scenario, providing you with a tactical advantage that keeps you one step ahead.
  3. Empathetic Communication: Our personalized coaching methodology is built on empathetic communication. We recognize that each goalie is unique, and we tailor our approach to fit your personal needs. By understanding the individual behind the mask, we create an engaging and effective learning environment where you feel heard and understood.
  4. Highly-Trained Coaches: Learn from the best to be your best. Each coach on our team brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to your training. With years of experience and a genuine understanding of the goalie’s journey, our coaches offer unparalleled support and insight to help you navigate the challenges of goaltending with confidence and skill.
Ron Veit – Founder and Head Coach

With over 28 years of coaching experience, Ron Veit brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the ice. As the founder of Veit Goaltending Development, Ron’s coaching philosophy revolves around understanding each athlete’s individual learning style, fostering a passion for the game that lasts a lifetime.

Kimberly Newell – Head Coach

Olympian and World Champion goalie Kimberly Newell is dedicated to helping goalies elevate their game. With over 6 years of coaching experience and a background playing at the highest levels, Kimberly brings a unique perspective to her coaching, emphasizing versatility and adaptability.

Tanner Thomson – Head Coach

Tanner Thomson’s journey from student to coach at Veit Goaltending Development showcases his commitment to excellence. With a passion for understanding the biomechanics of goaltending, Tanner’s coaching style focuses on instilling confidence and skills while fostering a culture of learning and growth.


Whether you’re just starting your goaltending journey or aiming for the pros, Veit Goaltending Development is here to help you reach your full potential. Join us on the ice and discover the difference that expert coaching can make in your game.

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