Our Big Why

At Atomic Hockey, our journey began with a profound love for the game of hockey. We understand the incredible impact it can have on young players’ lives. Hockey is more than a sport; it’s a transformative experience. It instills confidence, fosters camaraderie, hones work ethic, teaches responsibility to peers, and reveals the joy of competition. These are life lessons that extend far beyond the rink, shaping character and forging leaders.

As an entrepreneur and businessman, the lessons I learned from hockey continue to serve me every day. The discipline, determination, and resilience ingrained on the ice are invaluable tools in my professional life. I am passionate about giving back to the sport that gave me so much.

Our goal at Atomic Hockey is to provide a training option that wasn’t readily available in the lower mainland. The rising cost and limited availability of ice time posed significant barriers for players seeking specialized skill development. We recognized that the foundations of elite hockey skills—skating and shooting—needed focused attention.

Skating is the bedrock upon which all hockey skills are built. It’s the primary differentiator between good and great players. True technical skating is challenging to teach in large group settings. Elite skating can only be achieved through small group or one-on-one instruction, where every subtle movement can be isolated and refined. Our state-of-the-art skatemill, equipped with five cameras for precise feedback, allows players to push the boundaries of their skating potential.

Our synthetic ice, unique in the lower mainland, is tailored for shooting skills. The slight resistance of synthetic ice forces players into proper posture and skating form, building essential leg muscle for on-ice speed. It’s like a basketball player practicing with ankle weights, enhancing performance when the weights are removed.

Consider this: an NHL player, even one with substantial ice time, only touches the puck for about 45 seconds per game. Many minor and junior hockey players have even less time with the puck. How often do coaches dedicate time to break down, critique, or focus exclusively on shooting? The answer is seldom. The escalating costs and limited availability of ice time leave little room for in-depth skill development.

Atomic Hockey offers a unique opportunity for specialized instruction and repetition in one of the most critical aspects of a player’s game—shooting. We aim to fill the gap with elite/high-performance training while ensuring a fun and enjoyable experience. Our impact is evident in players who transform from average to standout performers, not just in rep hockey but as game MVPs.

Parents invest significantly in their child’s private training, and we owe it to them to be at our best. Our coaches are the driving force behind our players’ growth, and we must be well-prepared, engaged, and inspiring. We walk the fine line of pushing players out of their comfort zones while ensuring the journey is enjoyable. Our mission at Atomic Hockey is to provide an unparalleled experience—a blend of elite training and unbridled fun, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Join us in our passion for hockey, growth, and fun. Together, we make Atomic Hockey more than just a training facility; we make it a transformative experience for players and coaches alike.

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