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10x Hockey Development

Welcome to 10X Hockey Development at Atomic Hockey!

10X Hockey Development is your premier destination for elite-level scouting, player evaluations, and team recruitment analysis. Led by hockey expert Jim Rogers, boasting over 30 years of professional playing, coaching, managing, and scouting experience across Europe and North America, 10x Hockey Development offers unparalleled insights and solutions for hockey organizations, professional teams, agencies, and elite players.

Whether it’s the NHL, AHL, ECHL, European Professional Leagues, or North American NCAA/USPORTS circuits, Jim’s dedication to meticulous player scouting and efficient team integration is poised to redefine your career trajectory, ensuring optimal success while conserving invaluable resources.

Detailed Video Evaluations for Performance Players: Elevate your game with individually tailored video assessments designed to help you understand how to excel on the ice.

Elite Pro Scouting for European Pro Teams: Gain access to game-changing insights and comprehensive scouting reports for European pro teams, including NHL, AHL, and ECHL.

Player Recruitment Analysis for Pro Hockey Agencies: Maximize your recruitment efforts with in-depth player recruitment analysis that helps agencies identify top talent for professional hockey teams.


At 10X Hockey Development, our commitment to precise player scouting and strategic team integration aims to redefine your team’s success while preserving invaluable resources. Whether you’re a player looking to elevate your game or a team seeking top talent, trust Jim Rogers and 10X Hockey Development to deliver unparalleled results.


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